Best Top 10 Android Apps For Engineering Students – 2017

Android is the perfect compatibility of hardware and software. Android’s marketplace have apps in each and any field. With the advancement in technology Engineering education has become popular. Students would like to pursue their bachelor and Masters in Different types of engineering like computer, IT, Civil, Mechanical, Electronics etc. Android apps for engineering students with the help of these apps students can learn the basic concepts of their respective branches, which are available for free in Google PlayStore.

Top 10 Apps For Engineering Students

1. RealCalc scientific calculator

RealCalc scientific calculator.It is scientific calculator which can do all types of calculations like unit convention, algebraic, log, physics constants,angle values and more.It is available on Googleplaystore. It can also perform binary, octal, hexadecimal conversions. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this app.

2. Mechanical Engineer One

Mechanical Engineer One

It helps the Mechanical engineers to solve their field related problems. It also helps Engineers to solve their daily problems. It contain various reference tables, calculators, converters. We can perform SI and imperial units calculations. Approximately 0.5 million users for this app.

3. Electrical engineering


Electrical Engineering is popular Android app for Electrical Engineers and Students. This app is parted into three different components Electrical Calculator, Electrical formulae and Electrical Circuit. We can calculate the current, voltage and resistance. It also provide the built in formulae for calculating the series or parallel resistance. Approximately 1 million users downloaded this App.

4. Maths formulas for engineers


It is one the best Android apps for Engineering students. It is a easy to see use interface. It contains all the Engineering Mathematics formulas. It is also good for Engineering Students. Approximately 0.1 million users downloaded this App.

5. Civil Engineering Dictionary


It is Android App specially designed for the Civil Engineering students. It provide all the words used in the Civil Engineering field with a brief explanation of each and descriptive images. This app provide the in app browsing of Civil Engineering Notes, tutorials, lectures.Approximately 0.5 million users downloaded this App.

6. Software engineering


Software Engineering app is designed to know the basic concepts of software Engineering for Computer and IT students. This app will go through the process of software designing and development.Their are about 150 chapters arrangd in order.Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

7. Mechanical Engineering


This app provides all the basic concepts of Mechanical Engineering and also provides many online courses to become professional of Mechanical Engineering. Topics are arranged according to chapter wise. Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

8. Automobile Engineering


Automobile Engineering is a very vast field. This app is designed for automobile Engineering students. This app covers all the basic topics of automobile engineering. Topics are arranged according to chapter wise.Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

9. Electronics Engineering


This app is basically designed for Electronics Engineering students to learn the basic concepts. This app provide the chapter wise arrangement of all topics and explanation on each topic with neat diagrams.Approximately 10 thousand users downloaded this app.

10. Computer Engineering


It is an amazing app for computer Engineering students. It provides all the basic knowledge related to various concepts of computers. As a Computer Engineering Student we should have a sound knowledge of computer Hardware and Software to get a job in our dream company. This app provide the knowledge about the programming, system programming, Networking, security, computer Architecture etc. Approximately 10 thousand users downloaded this App.