Lenovo Vibe P1 Features And Reviews


Lenovo Vibe P1

The Lanovo vibe P1,like the Gionee Marsthon M5,has a big battery fitted into it,but the phone doesn’t let it be its defining charaterstic,putting a little more emphasis on other features,too. So, while the Vibe P1 can last you a fullday with its 5000mAh battery,it’s less than half of what the Marathon M5 can do.The Geekbench 3 battery test yields about 12.5 hours,compared to the 21.5hours in the Marathon M5.It’s still would suit most users.

Perhaps the biggestplus for the Vide P1 is the fingerprint sensor on the front-making the unlock process and accessing the phone quite snappy. In addition, it runs on the Snapdragon 615SoC and can perform better than the Marathon M5, but as well as the Lenovo Vibe S1 or Oneplus X. The camera on the other hand,is quite similar to the Marathon M5,The Vibe P1 can take a good shots under well its condition,but is weak under low light. The Vibe P1 and Marathon M5 also look identical. The difference is in camera placement and the fact that the Vibe P1 doesn’t have a metallic frame around it. It doesn’t take anything away from the looks through,the Vibe P1 looks premium for a sub 20k smartphones.Overall,the Vibe P1 is a good phone at $15,999. If you want the absolute best in terms of battery life at the price bracket,then the Marathon M5 is the phone to go for,but you’ll have to pay 2k more for it,which in our mind is a justified makeup.