Panasonic EX750 TV Review And Price

Panasonic EX750 TV Review And Price

Panasonic EX750 TV Review And Price

Price : 3,10,000

Refreshing to see a Panasonic panel but only LED?
just adding a single O to LED jacks up the Price Considerably which is why you’re still going to see 4K LED panels for the time being.

Ah yes,makes sense. So can it match OLED contrast?
You can’t relly compare their contrast levels but the EX750still puts up a good fight with Digitally Enhanced Local Dimming. It helps reduce glare form external light source and is able to display deep blacks.

Why is Local Dimming familiar to me?
Because it”s mostly Associated with edge LED’s. Panasonic has gone a step further and added a new shuttering system which lets external light reach each liqid crystal at the best angle resulting in rich gradation.

Moving on, does it really need to be wall mounted?
It comes with a swivel stand that lets users turn the display which is quite nifty in certain situations. it might not be the slimmest TV around but the premium looking silver bezels would make it a fine addition to your room.

And where do the wires go?
Where else but the stand’s central pole. The swith design contains enough room for neatly hiding those annoying cables.

Has Panasonic included their own OS?
In a way. Build upon the defunct Firefox OS, Panasonic took over the developmental reigns and the result is my Home Screen 2.0. Usability has been improved with the intuitive interface allowing you to store apps or files in folders and a search function that finds contents form multiple source.

I’m a gamer with a deep hate for input lag.
Say no more as Panasonic has included a Game Mode which they claim reduces input lag by half the amount. this should playing some fast past multiplayer game much more palatable.