YU Yutopia Features And Review


YU Yutopia

There are few phones in the market that can come close to beating the OnePluse2 when it comes to the performance to price factor and the YU Yutopia is one of them. The recently launched, self proclaimed , “most powerful smartphone ever”.,  has a Snapdragon 810 soC and 4GB RAM, along witha 21MP rear camera, 5.2 inch QHD display and a fingerprint sensor on the back.

The Yutopia’s is made completely out of metal, but it isn’t the same build quality that you see on HTC and Apple phones. The metallic body feels good, but is prone to dents with the first fall. In addition, the yutopia’s design makes it bigger than it needs to be. While the phone has a 0.3 inch smaller display then the OnePlus 2, it’s dimensions are almost the same. The Yutopia is wide, making it quite unweild, while the metal body is somewhat slippery as well. It’s a good lookinh phone, but not one that’s easy to manage with one hand.

The main issue with the Yutopia though is the buggy UI. Factory shipped software should never carry drastic bugs, but the Yutopia’s software is riddled with bugs. At one point, our review unit developed an yelloish tint on the display after we used the Adaptive Display mode. It took a factory reset to slove the issue, leading us to re-download about 15GB of music, apps and games. there were quite a few other noticeable bugs too, making the phone quite frustrating to use at time.

In addition ,the software is also not as well optimised as the OnePlus2. While the two phones may carry the same soC, the yutopia is not as powerful as the onePlus2. when it comesto graphics performance. For regular apps etc. though the phone is quit capable of handling them, albeit with bugspopping in here and there. Aggressive thermal control algorithms make the phone’s performance in gaming and other such activities lesser than the OnePlus2, but it’s capable of keeping the snapdragon 810 from heating up abnormally. The hero of the phone is the 21MPcamera on the back, which though atad slow to focus, takes really good image. The Yutopia’s camera desaturates colours in some situations, but mostly takes really nice and sharp images. The camer is especially good at noise reduction in low light conditions and delivers quite bright images in such conditions.

Speaking of good things, the new Around Yu feature is welldone. Yu has added a screen on the device,similar to Google Now, onePlus’s Shelf screen and HTC’s Blinkfeed. Insted of showing contacts, social networks etc. however, this screen shows a collection of services, ranging from flight bookings to food, cabs and more. It’s quite useful, but needs a lot of work from Yu, to take it to its full potential.

The 5.2 inch QHD display on the Yutopia gives it a big advantage over both the OnePlus2 and Honor7’s display. corning’s concore Gorilla Glass makes the display really sharp and vivid, while also adding to the touch experience. The trade-offhowever is that the Yutopia’s display is dim compared to flagship smartphones today.

The battery on the Yotopia is also at the industry average today. The phone can last a power user about 7-8 hours, while more basics users will be able to churn about 12 hours out of the battery.

Lastly,the Little Bird in-ear headphones from House of Marley,come out of the box with this smartphone. The headphone are quite bass heavy and don’t do well with the minds and details. If you don’t mind spending an extra Rs.600, the Cowon EM1s can do a better job than the Little Birds.

Overall , the Yu Yutopia is definitely one of the better phones in the market today. That said, it’s hard to recommend a phone that has so many bugs out of the box. If you’re fine with trusting Yu to fix the bugs through OTA updates then the Yutopia isn’t a bad buy at all, but while the OnePlus 2 is a more powerful device, the Honor 7is comparable and much more stable. The Yu Yutopia is good phone, but just likethe OnePlus 2, it isn’t a flagship killer.